Quarius Technologies Worldwide

The“AGRO3 Project is envisioned by the Boyolali

Government to be a Model Solution ​for Indonesia’s

Municipal Waste Issue of environmental hazard

and Public  Expense.​

“This technology benefits everyone” Ditta Indah commented.”Indonesia’s waste ​problem is converted into something valuable to the people and the economy ​and the facility creates jobs to support Boyolali Economic Development Initiatives, ​while providing new technology for study by Universities as new curriculum for ​education and Scientific Research”..​

Indah, said “the USD 95 Million project cost is a good investment, considering the benefits for the future of Indonesia and the Environment..​

A US Banking Consortium will finance the project, as they are more familiar with ​the value of New Technologies involved. Further, Quarius Technologies will be ​responsible for installation and start up of the Bio Fuel Plant, scheduled to be ​operational early 2016..

PT Demang Jaya Gas has signed a 10 year Contract to buy all of the Diesel ​produced by the AGRO3 Project, as their commitment in the future of clean Bio Fuel.

PT Agro Alam Artha

Maintains Strong Government Relations

CEO Aninditta Indah is Special Guest of President Joko Widodo and Bupati Seno Samodro at a Luncheon in Boyolali ​

A Project by Indonesia, for Indonesia 

PT Agro Alam Artha’s “AGRO3” Waste to Bio Fuel Project will be the First in Asia to use the Advanced “Microwave” Induced Plasma Gasification  of Municipal  Solid Waste. (MSW) The system will convert  300 Tons of MSW per day into 90,000 Liters per day of Ultra Clean, ZERO Sulphur Diesel Fuel​

PT Agro Alam Artha

Secures Exclusive Technology License

Aninditta Indah signs a License Agreement ​for the World’s Most Advanced Plasma and Energy Technologies.​

Advanced Energy Technology

L-R W.B. Wedeking, Aninditta Indah, ​Dr. Baharudin, Bupati Seno Samodro, ​Dato Hamzah, Samsudin M. Nor, ME​

PT Agro Alam Artha

Develops and Leads an International Team

“Ditta” presents her network of scientists and business leaders to Bupati Seno Samodro in Boyolali. 

Bio Fuel Project Initiated