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QTW Advanced Energy Technologies

 Energy Crop Production ​

  •  Napier Agency Network​
  •  500 Tons/hectare/year                                                           ​

Plasma Conversion of Biowaste/Biomass to Energy​

  • Conversion of Municipal Waste to Electricity/Liquid Fuel​
  • Conversion of Biomass to Electricity/Liquid Fuel​
  • Conversion of ‘dirty’ Coal to Electricity/Liquid Fuel                                                                         ​

 SOFC / Micro Turbine Power Plants​

  •  High Efficiency utilization of hydrocarbon fuels ​
  •  Clean utilization of hydrocarbon fuels                                                        ​

 Decentralized Power and Fuel Production​

  •  Generate Electricity and Liquid Fuel  where needed​
  •  300 Tons of Solid Waste yields 90,000 l of fuel or                                                                             ​
  •  30 MW of Power                                                                                       ​

 Water and Waste Water Treatment                                                                                                              ​
 UV purification of water  ​

Advanced Energy Technologies
that convert​

  •   Municipal Waste into SUSTAINABLE Energy
  •   Biomass into RENEWABLE Energy
  •   Plentiful Coal into CLEAN Energy​
  •   Medical and Toxic Waste into SAFE Energy​

​                                    ZERO Ash, ​
                                    ZERO Smoke and
                                    Virtually ZERO Emissions