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Hazim Alasad, MBA

Quarius Technologies Worldwide, LLC

Hazim Alasad, MBA, BS Geology, is Founder and Managing Director of

Quarius Almaha Alliance, with headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey. Hazim has a 40 year career in International Contracts and Project Finance and... Read more

Vikram Pattarkine, PhD.

Quarius Technologies Worldwide, LLC

Vikram M. Pattarkine, PhD is a chemical-environmental engineer with thirty years of international experience  in consulting, research, technology development and transfer, and training. Read more

Michael Hsu, PhD.

Quarius Technologies Worldwide, LLC

Dr. Michael Hsu began research and development of Ultra Efficient Hydrogen Steam ​Reforming and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells in a 17 year career with Lincoln Laboratories, MIT.​ Read more

William B. Wedeking

Quarius Technologies Worldwide, LLC

William “Bill” Wedeking, the Founder of the Quarius Group of companies, is the Chairman and President of US based Quarius Technologies, LP (QTLP), Quarius Technologies, Inc. (QTI), serves as Chairman and CEO... Read more

Samsudin M. Nor, ME

Quarius Technologies Worldwide, LLC

Samsudin M. Nor, ME is Founder and Executive Director of Quarius Technologies, Sdn Bhd. of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and leads Design,  Development and Deployment of Infrastructure systems for Malaysia  and Asian Region. Read more

Alex Ignatiev, PhD.

Quarius Technologies Worldwide, LLC

Dr. Alex Ignatiev is Chief Technology Officer  of Quarius Technologies Group.  He is also Cullen Professor of Physics, Chemistry, Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Houston, and  is the Director of the Center for  Advanced Materials. Read more

Thomas A. Duckenfield III

Quarius Technologies Worldwide, LLC 

Thomas A. Duckenfield, III is CEO of Quarius Technologies Worldwide, LLC. (QTW).  He formerly served ​as Global Counsel for the company.​ Read more​ ​

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