Hj. Nina Hikmah

Hj. Nina Hikmah is currently Commissioner of Demang Jaya Gas, ​Exclusive Distributor of LPG, Gasoline and Diesel for Indonesia’s ​National Oil and Gas Company, PT Pertamina.                                                  ​

In response to Indonesia’s New Environmental and Energy Policies, ​Nina was quick to recognize PTA3s Sustainable /Renewable Biofuel ​capability as an economic and social  development opportunity. ​

Demang Jaya Gas sponsored PTA3 formation and agreed to  Purchase and Distribute Fuel from PT Agro Alam Artha’s Facilities; ​Nina is Commissioner, Equity Partner and Marketing Director of PTA3. Hj. Nina Hikmah is a true visionary, and PTA3 and QTSB Teams appreciate her inspiration and leadership​.

Surya Budi Lesmana

Surya Budi Lesmana, (MSCE) Univ. of Gadjah Mada, has served several prestigious posts as 1) Technical Team Development 2) Chairman of the Post Earthquake Care 3) Team Leader Contributing to Alleviaton of Poverty through Regional Energy Planning in Indonesia (CAREP) 4) Regional Energy Management Studies Center, University of Muhammadiyah, Yogyakarta.

Surya’s experience ranges from DAM Projects for Multinational Industry to Hospital Upgrades. 

As PT Agro Alam Artha Chief Engineer, Surya is a key resource in decentralizing Indonesia’s Energy Infrastructure​.

Dr. Nurul Chusna, MPH

Dr. Chusna has an extraordinary educational and ​career background in Medicine,  and is Master of Hospital ​Management, Public Health Sciences. ​

Nural has served as Director Hidayah Hospital Navan; Professor ​and Chair of Public Health Program, STIKES, Yogyakarta; ​Operations Manager and Consultant for Strategic Planning PMPK ​FKIK UMY;  Dir. RS Gramedika  Jangkang Sleman; and is currently Dir. of PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital.

Dr. Chusna will lead in PTA3s collaboration with UNESCO, UNICEF, UN University and WHO in measuring dynamic health impacts of improved and sustained sanitation and environmental quality.

Lis Anggriani Kurniawati, SE

Co- Founder, Partner and CFO of PT. Agro  Alam Artha, is a graduate of Univ. Islam Indonesia, Faculty of Economics, Dept of Financial Management Career track; PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) recognized talent and Initiative and appointed Lis as Assistant. VP – HR Strategic Business Unit Head ​for Corporate Banking Dept. (2007- 2011).

Mrs. Kurniawati developed interest in Agrobusiness Management and founded Champion Agro Bonneplante. (2011 - Present) Her experience will be a valuable asset to the Biofuel Program​.

The Leadership Team




Aninditta Indah

Quarius Technologies Worldwide, LLC 

Thomas A. Duckenfield, III is CEO of Quarius Technologies Worldwide, LLC. (QTW).  He formerly served ​as Global Counsel for the company.​ Read more​ ​

Quarius Technologies Worldwide

Aninditta Indah 

​CEO of PTA3 has strategically expanded a ​successful Agro-Technology operation into Biofuels Production ​and Refining. “Ditta” demonstrated High Level Executive Skill in ​establishing “Agreements” with Gov. Policy Makers, National Fuel ​Distributors and World Class (Univ. of Houston/NASA) Scientists ​and Engineers to engage the Enterprise.

Formally Educated in Australia prior to earning a Bachelor Degree in Commerce at Management University of Saskatchewan, Canada, Ditta has an excellent command of “Business Language”, gifted negotiator and exhibits Poise and Professionalism in International settings.