Quarius Technologies Worldwide

The International Team

Alex Ignatiev, PhD

President & CTO
Quarius Technologies Worldwide, LLC

Dr. Alex Ignatiev is the President and the Chief Technology Officer of Quarius

Technologies Worldwide, LLC.  He is also Cullen Professor of Physics, Chemistry, Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Houston and  is the Director of the Center for  Advanced Materials.  Alex has been instrumental in the start up of five separate companies, is on the board of directors of three companies, is the chief science officer of three companies and is the Director of Research for Quarius Technologies Institute, Philippines. ​

Alex  has more than 25 patents, 320 research publications and leads research in nano structures, thin film photovoltaic, thermo photovoltaic power converters, Thin Film Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and RF Plasma gasification. ​

Additionally, Alex is Founder of  Alternative Energy Research Institute, an International Interdisciplinary integration of research in science, engineering, technology, architecture, law, business and social science. AERI develops technology, policy and strategies for the New Energy Sector​