Quarius Technologies Worldwide

Quarius Technologies group of companies designs, manufactures and operates alternative energy systems, including integrated Solid Oxide Fuel Cell / Micro Turbine Power Plants and Micro Refineries in the U.S., Asia, Africa, and the Middle East/Gulf States.  In addition, the group of companies conducts energy technology policy, strategy and commercialization activities in partnership with the Alternative Energy Research Institute.

QT Worldwide has developed and patented a unique RF Microwave Plasma Generator which:

  • converts organic matter (municipal or medical waste, biomass, tires and coal) into ultra-clean syngas that is further refined into liquid fuels (zero-sulphur diesel, gasoline and jet fuel), or used to generate electricity
  • converts inorganic coal ash into inert glass slag for use in construction aggregate.

An Entirely New Class of Energy​

  • During the Development Phase of the Quarius System, as the unprecedented efficiencies and benefits of the above unique technologies revealed themselves, we realized we had an opportunity to transcend customary Return on Investment goals. ​
  • ​We pledged to use our “Disruptive Technologies” to repair the Environmental, Economic and Social damage caused by conventional energy activities during the “Carbon Age”.
  • We link the Research and Development of energy technologies with research in Social Science, Architecture, Environmental and Energy Policy and Law.
  • We engage with energy groups with a socially responsible mission, such as the U.S. Department of Energy "Minorities In Energy" Program, offering our technology as a platform to further the goals of this Program.​
  • We collaborate with international NGOs and humanitarian  programs as a force multiplier in delivering improved energy infrastructure and inclusive economic development​ to historically under-served communities and populations, e.g. rural farming communities and indigenous nations.  ​

About QTW, LLC

  • Energy Crop Production
  • Microwave Plasma Gasification of Biomass, Coal, or MSW
  • SOFC / Micro Turbine Power Plants
  • Decentralized Power and Fuel Production
  • Water and Waste Water Treatment

 A U.S. minority-owned business enterprise, Quarius Technologies Worldwide, LLC, , is the hub of a global group of commercial and non-profit entities (Quarius Technologies Institute, Philippines, QTSB-Malaysia, QTSB-Singapore, and QTCC-China) that research, develop, and deploy the following turn-key, enviro-energy systems and solutions: